LEDER REATREAT – Stokkøya …for deg som er nysgjerrig på hvordan du enklere kan skape et arbeidsmiljø der flere får brukt mer av sitt potensiale    u…
4.-6. oktober 2024 – Stokkøya Strandhotell og Strandbaren.



One-on-one packages or 4 days intensives.

Conversations in which you will let go of stress and worries, and let yourself be filled with more inspiration, joy and contentment in your work and relationships. 

Coaching packages is customized to ensure that you experience change.

Coaching sessions are typically one hour.

Four day coaching intensives are for those who want to experience change over a short time frame.

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For those who want to connect with their true passion and drive, tap into a greater potential and access more creativity thinking and new opportunities. Takes place in a group of inspired and supportive of people.

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One-On-One Mentoring or Small Group Mentoring.

Are you a leader, business owner, coach, or consultant that would benefit from in-depth mentorship and partnership over an extended period of time?

The capacity you gain working one-on-one or in a small-group is a game changer for your business.

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Executive coaching to upgrade your ability to lead, build stronger relationships, increase engagement, influence and drive change.

Team coaching to access new levels of performance, wellbeing, cooperation, more innovative thinking and success, with less stress, more joy and contentment.

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Four-day Intensive
For those who want to dig deep, and experience change in a short time frame.

During the intensive, you will need to take time off from your daily life, stress and pressure. This will give you the opportunity to settle down, reflect, have new insights and experience change. You can also expect a safe and relaxed space to have authentic and honest conversations.

We will have two coaching sessions daily on the first 3-days and one the last day. We recommend that you don’t make other plans during this time, because quiet reflection is an important part of the learning process; opening your mind and your heart.  

These four days are an opportunity to reconnect more deeply with your own wisdom, gaining a deeper understanding of who you are and what you’re up to. 

I believe that we all know, deep down, that we can find our wellbeing and live our lives more fully, but we don’t see clearly how to make it possible. 
Ongoing coaching with Katrine, gives you the opportunity to connect more deeply with yourself and your untapped potential, be true to yourself and realise what you really want to be and do in your life. She has the ability to help you access your inspiration, passion, and drive, uncover your talents and unique gifts, and find the confidence, courage and capacity to share them with the world.

Coaching Packages (1-3 months)
One-hour weekly coaching sessions during this time frame.



For those who want to join a group of inspired and like-minded people, while they uncover more of who they really are, connect with their true passion and drive, access more creative thinking and tap into a greater potential. 

These engagements typically last for 3 days-4 weeks, and includes webinars, a private Facebookgroup, recordings and other resources. 


More practical than the courses.


This is for leaders, solopreneur, small business owners, coaches or consultants who would benefit from in-depth mentorship and partnership over an extended period of time. Working one-on-one in this capacity is a game changer in your business, relationships, and life.

1:1 Mentoring

These engagements last for 6-12 months and include a 3-day opening intensive to set the foundation and the direction for our work and your business. Then we will have on-going coaching, practical office hours, collaboration, creative partnership, client review and feedback. During our engagement I will share my network with you, resources and other custom offerings.

Because of the nature of the mentor/mentee relationship, I only take 2 at a time. This allows plenty of space, time and availability to create a powerful, rich, in-depth and holistic program for sustained transformation and real-world results.

Small Group Mentoring

These engagements last for 4-6 months and include a 2-3-day opening intensive to set the foundation and the direction for the group, our work together and your business.
Every month we will have:

  • 2 group meetings (Mastermind meetings)
  • 1 One-On-One coaching session
  • 1 office hour (Practical)
  • Collaboration, client review and feedback.
    During our engagement, I will share my network, resources and other custom offerings with you.

    While working in this capacity of like-minded induviduals, you will benefit from the power of connection, friendship and the support of others moving in the same direction.


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«Katrine er naturlig, vennlig, åpen og ikke-dømmende. Hun er med andre ord svært tillitsvekkende. Hennes vesen, perspektiv og visdom legger til rette for gode samtaler og livsforandrende innsikter.»

Kristian Larsen

Leder og Gründer