The six-months Natural Guide Program I created for 3P practitioners has come to an end for this season, and I’m so grateful, peaceful and content. It has been a journey I never could imagine.

And that’s the exciting thing about this understanding, you never know. I just had the inspiration, stayed tuned and open, showed up real, honest and authentic, from a place of love and understanding. And from that place we’ve been guided from within – from a deeper wisdom that lies beyond personal thoughts and intellectual analysis. From there, we got what we need in the moment. We let go of our self-created limitations and conditioning, and experience a greater power from within – a power that serves what we really wanna do, create or express in life. From that power we can experience that something more important than fear is coming through. 

“You experience courage when fear isn’t relevant in the moment”

Earlier I thought that you need courage to do something when you were afraid, but I’ve seen that courage is built into us, it’s already there. That courage isn’t something you got to gain, it’s there when fear isn’t relevant in the moment.


I had an even deeper experience of the truth of that in this program. I could just be myself even more real and authentic than before and with even less thoughts on my mind. That I didn’t need to think to perform. I didn’t need to try to have an impact, try to make things happen and prove something. To meet up in the sessions and lead, was like just walking into the kitchen. There was no difference. You just show up and say and do what occurs to you. You just are in the moment with nothing on it. I could just be myself, very honest and heartfelt! And that impacted the participants as well. They started to relax inside and tuned into the moment. They had the experience of safety and trust, and in that space they started to come more “alive”. They started to share themselves “as is”. Openly, honest, curiously, inspirationally, warmly, loving and alive with joy and fun in a wonderful friendship. Just humanly as we all are.

They started to share real and authentic from their heart, and less from their head and thinking about outcome and how to look. Where did that come from? They didn’t need to control or handle the fear of not getting it right, or get rid of the fear. They just started to understand where it comes from and what it really is – just thoughts creating a feeling in the moment and that thoughts come and go, and that it necessarily have nothing to do with what is actually happening.

Fear started to be less relevant, and we could let the fear come and go and see that it hadn’t the same impact on us as before.

“You have capacities within you that are phenomenal, if you only knew how to release them.”

– David Bohm

So when we are not caught up in fear we can do what we want and share something more real and authentic. We are being our true selves to a higher degree and from that we naturally share what’s in us and wants to come through. We start to listen deeper, create, share and support others from a natural deeper feeling of inspiration, love and understanding.



This is so helpful when it comes to helping people find inner peace, balance, harmony and contentment, and most of all just be themselves real and authentic and experience more freedom in life. As a guide you need to have a self-experienced learning of this – “walk the talk” before you help others.

If not, it won’t be something that’s really true for you. You then just see it intellectually, just like information. To share information is not that impactful and helpful to people as real truth and honesty – it doesn’t make the real difference to people. You got to really SEE it for yourself (impacted you), then it’s true for you, then it’s true in your real life. When we share something that’s true to ourselves, we can feel the realness, the aliveness and energy of that. That’s impactful sharing and opens up for new insights for all of us – something new becomes real for us that wasn’t real before.

That doesn’t mean you have to never experience fear to share, cause that’s not human, but you have the inner deeper knowing of what fear is – just a thought that creates a feeling in the moment – just energy moving through you and nothing else. You don’t need to anything about your thoughts, it comes and goes on itself. Let it be, like a cloud in the sky – it will shift form and pass on it own – that’s enough…

Then you can do things you wanna do independent of the experience of fear, like independent of the clouds in the sky – it has nothing to do with it. 

So what you feel and how you look, doesn’t matter when it comes to be in service to and helping other people. 

So I’m so proud of the participants that were willing to take this journey – just from the inspiration of wanting to see something new and helping others. From the deeper feeling of love and understanding in the group, the fear took the back seat more of the time. They saw that there wasn’t something wrong with themselves or others. That they were not broken and could show up as they are and share more real and authentic (what was true to them). They listened better, were more in contact with the deeper wisdom in themselves and had a wider experience of what’s really possible for themselves and other people in life. They now, more than before, see the greater potential, don’t let fear take control, go with the flow of inspiration, and share and support others.

Last weekend we celebrated online where people shared their gratitude, sang, played guitar, shared a movie they’ve made, had a heartfelt speech or shared something else that inspired them. I’m so grateful to witness people wake up to a greater potential in themselves and let that shine – for themselves and in service to others. Love you all!!!

Are you one of those who would like to find an even deeper piece of mind, balance, harmony and contentment, be yourself real and authentic, and experience more freedom in life? And if you’re willing to share that with others, check out the next round of the Natural Guide Program here:

With love,