accepting WHO YOU ARE

We’ve just finished the second weekend in my Natural Guide Program for coaches. And It’s been so amazing to witness how the group falls more and more into the acceptance of themselves as human beings, sees who they really are, and falls more into presence, wellbeing, humor, fun, gratitude and unconditional love for themselves and each other.

It’s hard to not fall more and more into unconditional love and happiness when you get a glimpse or sense of who we really are – our true Self.

This weekend we had Dicken Bettinger as our guest speaker and it was a wonderful experience of presence and simplicity. How we in any moment can fall into the present moment and experience who we really are – pure silence, pure wellbeing, pure potential, pure wisdom, pure love.

And we all know about this and have been experiencing it, but we forget about it and the relevance of it, or we can’t find it in the race of trying too hard. Trying hard to fix or improve ourselves, or even try too hard to find presence and a silent mind.

He told a story about horses and how sensitive they are to other people and their state of mind. They have such a silent mind that they won’t feel safe and want to get near you until you settle down. And when you are with a horse in a settle mind, it’s an incredible feeling of deep connection, presence and peace. You connect with our true Self – who you really are! 

Later that day he posted this quote:

“The more you begin to accept yourself, the happier you become. The happier you become, the more you want to get deeper into Self. It is a journey of love because eventually it leads to pure love.”     – Sydney Banks

And it is so true!

“When we see who we really are, it’s easier to accept ourselves.”

Because you are not our failures, our body, our personality, our habits, our disease, our past, our success, our money, our status, our performance, our role, our gender, our origin, our weaknesses, our insecurity, our problems, thoughts and experiences.

You just think you are!


We are divine energy creating all kinds of forms and experiences from time to time – from nothing to something. So what we think is wrong about ourselves is just created in the moment via thought and seen through our consciousness. It doesn’t need to be true, it doesn’t need to be fixed. It doesn’t really exist, except in your mind and appear real in that moment. Thoughts and experiences come and go like the clouds on a blue sky. So in any new moment your problems and suffering can leave you and new experiences show up.

Who you really are is like the blue sky behind the clouds or the canvas you are painting on. It’s always there – nothing more, nothing less. It’s permanent and doesn’t change. It doesn’t contain anything. It just is. It can’t be hurt, it can’t be damaged. It doesn’t need to be fixed or improved. It doesn’t lack anything or need to be fulfilled. It already is. Just is.

Pure energy, pure love, pure potensial. And from that we can create anything. Be aware of the creation and what’s been created.


The freedom lies in seeing that you can leave all kinds of thoughts and experiences behind, and paint anything you want from a silent mind.  


“SEEING our true Self, opens the door to pure love, pure potential and pure freedom

«When you are willing to stop looking for something in thought, you find everything in silence».   – Gangaji

 Wish you a wonderful day! 

Lots of love,